Human Beauty

My name's Edi, 24, Painter/Drawer/multi-disciplinary artist, from Southern Cali, soy Mexican@, Latin@, Trans feminine. She/Her/They/Them. I'm interested in Modern and Contemporary Art, Latin American Art, Performance Art, QTPOC shit, community care, poesia, gardening. Let's talk.

Queer and QTPOC safe space**NSFW***

Apr 28
“It is often the most privileged elements of a population affected by a particular civil injustice or social oppression who have the opportunity to organize first. In organizing around the one thing that interferes with or complicates their privilege, their organizations tend to reproduce that very privilege.” Susan Stryker on the membership restrictions of FPE (Foundation for Personality Expression), later known as Society for the Second Self or Tri-Ess.—Transgender History, 2008, pg. 58

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